Why Vegan. Reasons to make the switch to a peaceful living.



I want to show you why a vegan lifestyle is a better choice. In this post you will discover the many benefits of becoming a vegan.

Although there are junk food vegans, eating a vegan diet can be beneficial for everybody. Here is a list of benefits that demonstrates why becoming a vegan is a decision that it is worth considering.

  • Your health

If you do not care about animals or whether the environment is being destroyed, you cannot deny that you care about being healthier. Everybody wants to live a long and healthy life. Being vegan can help you achieve that. There are so many health benefits like weight loss, better skin, healthy levels of your cholesterol, etcetera. There is also a list of 57 health benefits of going vegan created by the nursingdegree.net, that you have to check out.

  • Animals

Animals are beautiful creatures with intelligence, capabilities and feelings. They were created to be free in their own habitat, not to be exploited and being taken advantage of. They fear death the same way we do. Like the page I Love Vegan explains, many people identify themselves as animal lovers, yet intentionally or not, this rarely extends to the animals we use for food. There are a lot of misconceptions about how animal products are obtained and we often turn a blind eye towards inhumane animal agricultural practices. Animal welfare is an issue we like to push out of our minds, even when it’s presented to us in an objective manner.

  • The planet

You would be surprise how beneficial to the environment a diet that is not based on animal products is. A vegan diet uses less water to be produced than an animal based diet. You can make the decision to save 1100 gallons if water every day, 45 pounds of grain, 30 square feet of forest land, and the equivalent to 20 pounds of Co2.  Having said that, I think it is safe to say that the planet will not be able to sustain the production of animal products for much longer.

In reality, becoming a vegan is a very personal decision. There are many benefits that come with that decision and it is up to you to analyze them and weight how much those benefits are really worth to your conscious.

Please take the time to look at the links provided to further your knowledge on benefits of becoming a vegan.

Go Vegan

Also please take a look at this quick YouTube video about the benefits of a vegan diet. It has over 7000 views and it does a very good job explaining the impact that Veganism has in the planet. If you prefer audiovisual learning, like me, this video will help you understand better the many benefits of this lifestyle.



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