How to become vegan. Tips to help you transition from a carnivore diet to a plant based diet.

This is the first of many posts that will give you encouragement, tips and ideas while you transition from an omnivore to a compassionate human being. So lets get started.


In this first post I will tell you what you need to be aware so you don’t you panic and feel it is an impossible task and/ or a burden.

First thing you need to remember is that you are not a robot. As the human being that you are, you will go through temptation; you will remember how meat tastes and will crave it more often than you wish. Your body is used to eating animal products because it is what you have used all your life, switching your body to embrace plant base products will not happen over night. If you are the only one in your household or social group (family, co-workers, friends) that is making this transition, IT WILL BE EVEN LESS SMOOTH to achieve your goal, but it most certainly NOT IMPOSSIBLE.

Your mind is so used to seeing carnivore dishes that you will find it challenging to come up with plant-based ideas for your meals. Also, your body will start to change. You may find yourself visiting the toilet more often than you are used to and your face may break out with acne. But the best change you will see is weight loss.

More importantly, it is imperative you know that even after you have being vegan for months or even years, you MAY encounter yourself going through a discouragement phase where you wonder whether you have made the right choice or try turning back one step and just be vegetarian. You may find yourself wanting to cheat and fall into the trap of temptation, especially if you live with non-vegans and you are starving and find no vegan options to eat on the fridge, you will more than likely eat whatever you find regardless of what you already know and how wrong it is.

I tell you all of these to let you know that EVEN IF you find yourself being ridiculed for your loved ones, even if you cheat and eat animal products, YOU CANNOT GIVE UP. That is what being human is all about, we try, we fall, but we dust our shoulder, get up and try again. No matter how many times you fall (and more than likely you will, especially if you have no support around you) you need to rise every time and keep trying.

Having said that, I will like to share my testimony with you. I decided to become a vegan because I was having problems with my bad cholesterol. I already didn’t eat certain animal products like, pork and shellfish, but I sill had a problem with it. Being that my mother, whom I used to leave with at the time, and most of the people in my social circle were vegan, I decided to try being vegetarian. I believed turning vegan was extremist and thought I would NEVER become one (of course I had no idea how animals were treated so that I could satisfy my appetite). When I made the switch, I noticed my body was changing for the better. After a while when I took my blood test again, my bad cholesterol turned out to be at a healthy level. I started to feel so motivated that not long after I made the switch to veganism. Little after that, I took a class where I learned the many benefits of a vegan diet and how harmful consuming animal products can be for my body (including lotions, detergents and other products we use on a daily basis).

It has been seven years after I made the switch, and I have never regret it. However, everything I said at the beginning of this post, has being my personal experience. I am married now, and my husband is far from being a vegetarian, let alone vegan. Since I moved to be closer to his job my circle of friends have changed and I am the only one in my social circle to be vegan. I t has been less easy that how it was when I was single, especially when I have to cook (I have to cook two meals every time). I have fallen many times, but I have also risen and will continue to rise, as many more times as I need, because it is not only better for my health, it is also better for the planet.

So, now that you know all of these, I hope you feel more relax and ready to embark in this lifestyle that will help you become a better person in every sense of the word.

Please take a look at the links I have attached, it will give you more information on steps to start your journey into veganism, wether it is from being vegetarian or from being a carnivore.

Step by step

I love vegan

Also, enjoy this music video by the deceased singer Aaliyah. Many times in this journey you will find yourself needing encouragement, this song “Try Again” will help lift your will. When you listen to it, imagine is veganism talking to you.

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