How to celebrate a vegan Valentine’s Day holiday.

Valentine’s day is around the corner, how about we celebrate it in a compassionate way?

There are many things you can do to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a cruelty free manner. Chances are you have already being doing it but have not being aware of it. First thing you need to do, as with everything when it comes to veganism, is to educate yourself. In today’s era it is very easy to find vegan options of everything because we have the Internet as our ally. At the end of this post I will leave links that will give you further ideas, but right now here are mine.


Whether you are on a budget or not, here are a few ideas you could use to make this Valentine’s Day compassionate and romantic for every type.

  • For an outdoor fan

f your partner is like mine, he will really enjoy this idea. If you are like me and try to avoid anything that has to do with physical activities, you may like to get on board on this too because it is fun, relaxing, romantic and definitely good for your health. Remember, you are switching to a vegan lifestyle mainly for your health.

This is actually the idea I am choosing for this Valentine’s Day. The list is long but I will give you the main one I think you will like:

  1. Canoeing
  2. Kayaking
  3. Biking
  4. Paragliding
  5. Snorkeling
  6. Diving

Nothing better than to enjoy animals in their own habitat, for #6 though, you have to be certified first.

  1. Hot balloon ride (how romantic is this!)
  2. Short river cruising
  3. Picnic in you partner’s favorite place (keeping compassion in mind)

On this last one, if you live in a house or apartment building with a beautiful sight, you can take advantage of this and do it in front of a lake or whatever landscapes you have available to you. The privacy makes it even more romantic. Or you can even create a romantic area in your own home. You can move the furniture around; make the type of picnic food you usually wont allow your partner to eat (Google a vegan option of whatever that food is), use some of the white Christmas lights to add romance, candles (of course), and think of creative ways to take advantage of whatever you have around you.

For instance, if you have a smart TV, use Netflix to find a fireplace film, or if you actually have the fake fireplace this is the best time to use it. Use Pandora or iTunes or whatever you use for music to play only romantic songs, or even better, if you have time create a playlist with songs that have meaning for the two of you. Throw the nicest blanket you have on the floor, add some nice pillows that you won’t care to throw on the floor, get some apple cider (because it is cheaper than champagne and healthier for you), get a pack of organic strawberries and dip it in chocolate syrup and voila! You just got yourself a pretty inexpensive valentines dinner.

To all of this you could add a hand written letter (cheaper, more personal, hence more romantic) where you express to your loved one how much he/she means to you and why. Decorate it with colors pertaining to the theme.

Of course, clean yourself with the vegan products of your choice. Wear an outfit you know he loves and make everything in your hand to look your best. All these are simple ideas for a valentines day he will always remember.

  • For those who like indoor activities you could try:
  1. Romantic dinner in you home.

With this last one keep in mind you want to please your partner, so again, think of something he really loves to eat, make it vegan and elegant by decorating the plate and the table. You can add some of the ideas I already said on the indoor picnic idea.

  1. Movie night

Think of what your partner likes best, whether it is going to a movie theater, in your home or even to a drive in Movie Theater (again, how romantic is that!) Now keep in mind that even though it is a romantic occasion, you are trying to please your partner, so whatever you go let him choose what movie he wants to see. Better yet, if you decided to do it in your home, which goes great after the indoor picnic or in home dinner, try getting his favorite movie and watch it with him regardless of how much you hate it.

  1. Dining out

For this one you will have to do your homework and Google the fancy and vegan friendly restaurants in your area, or try Sublime if you leave in Broward.

  1. Arrange for a couples massage at a vegan friendly spa, or give your partner a massage with your vegan body products.
  2. Go to a concert to see that artist that has influences your relationship, or try an opera, always a romantic choice (for this of course you have to plan with months in advance, but you can always use this idea for next year.)
  3. Go to an indoor recreation center.

On this last one you could Google places near you where you could mini golfing, bowling, billiards, laser tag, golf simulator, ropes course, go carts, video games and so on.

As you can see, there are so many things you can do to have a vegan friendly Valentine’s Day. Sky is the limit, just let your creativity flow. Hope you find these tips helpful and wish you the best compassionated Valentine’s Day of your life.

To get more ideas please go to Gift ideas and Animal friendly Valentine’s

And since us women need to feel loved too, here is a video for those compassionate men in our lives that want vegan ideas for a gift this Valentine’s Day.


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