Vegan clothes: Where to buy fabric, accessories, clothing that are vegan-friendly.

Since we have dedicated many posts to vegan food, I decided to make a switch and focus on what vegans wear. After all, our apparel is extremely important also.


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Let me remind you that Veganism is not only about eating, but also about the protection of animals and the planet by using non-animal products in what we wear. As correctly says, Vegans do not wear or use clothes, shoes or accessories made with fur, leather, wool, feathers and silk. We can wear and use plant fabrics such as cotton, linen or hemp, and manmade materials such as polyester, acrylic or nylon. Vegan shoes are much more widely available now than in the past and the range of styles and the quality has increased dramatically in recent years. In addition to being free of animal exploitation, vegan clothes can be green too. Hemp and linen have seen a resurgence as strong, durable and versatile fabrics, vintage and secondhand clothes are on the rise, and synthetic materials are increasingly being recycled. 

Now, I’m not suggesting you go through all your clothes and throw away anything and everything that is not vegan. What is done is done. Now that you know which fabrics are made of animals I encourage you from now on to get vegan clothes for yourself and your family.

How can you tell when you go shopping? Simply look at the tag, if it has any percentage of the material discussed above as non-vegan, please don’t buy it. Basically any store has clothes made entirely of cotton, linen, polyester, etc. But we don’t only use clothes; we also use accessories, makeup, and hair products. Where could we find the vegan option of such things? I’m going to give you a list of places you can go to find not only clothes, but everything you may need to feel and look like yourself without harming animals and the planet.

Where to buy vegan clothes and accessories:

Like I already said, you can find vegan clothes pretty much anywhere (Target, Walmart, Forever21, Whole Foods, etc.), but these places will give you vegan clothes for sure on top of your shoes, make up, body products, accessories, and anything else you may need:

For regular stores you can always email them with an inquiry of their materials, they are required to answer you with accurate information. And you can always count on If you use the right keyword amazon will give you what you are looking for or give you links to websites that have what you are looking for.

Hope this post helps you find the outfits and fashion that better suits your needs in a cruelty free matter.


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