Life with a Non-Vegan: What to expect and how to remain strong.

Hello all! Since I have been giving you tips to start a vegan lifestyle and how to remain vegan, I decided it was time to share some personal experience on what to expect when you live with somebody that is not vegan.

When I decided to become a vegan I was living with my mother and sister. It was super easy because my mom was already a vegan and she loves to cook so I did not have to worry about what to eat.

But, life goes on and I got married to a non-vegan. If you are wondering why did I marry a non-vegan; which I do not recommend, is because when we where going out he became a vegan. He actually lost a lot of weight and looked really good, but since he did it to impress me, not because he understood what it meant to be a vegan, he quit and by that time I was already in love so we got married.

Now that we are married, it has been quite difficult to remain vegan, mainly because now I have to cook, which I hate! So this post is to tell you what can you expect when you are married to a non-vegan.

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First thing you need to know is that you ought to be very faithful to your reputation. Don’t think that because he/she is your spouse he/she would not judge you. You need to keep strong because if you fall, they will tell you in your face that you are not for real with your veganism lifestyle, whenever the opportunity arises. So if you find yourself in a moment of weakness, which is totally human, do not cheat in front of your spouse!

If you were not raised as a vegan, if most of your life you have been an omnivore or a carnivore, it is normal to feel weak when you smell meat, pastries and everything you used to eat. I mean, they are delicious, and your tastebuds do not change overnight. The same way, it is completely normal to feel weak when you go out to eat with your husband, or when you have to cook animal products for him.

What to expect?

  • Your spouse won’t care that you are vegan and that you feel strong about it, so please, do not try to change him/ her in to one. Try to lead by example, maybe over the years when he/she sees you are healthier and looking better than before he/she will consider turning into a vegetarian and then a vegan. It is better to transition slowly.
  • You will see a lot of things that you used to eat on the pantry and the refrigerator. You cannot fall into temptation, you need to remain strong because those things will alway be there if your spouse never changes. You need to find a way to remember why you made the switch. Become part of a vegan group for support, watch videos about veganism, all that will help you stay strong.
  • Since your spouse is not the one that is vegan, he/she will probably not have it in their mind to think of your situation when they choose a place to eat, so you need to remind them wether that place will work for you or not. As time goes by he/she will get the hang of it, but it will take a while depending on the person.
  • If your spouse if not a vegan, more than likely his/ her family isn’t either. When you are invited to your in-laws or any other family member make sure they have thought of you when they did the menu. The same way when they come over to you, it is courtesy to think of them when you are thinking on a menu. If you want to win the over, pushing them is not gong to work.

In summary, it is not easy when you live with somebody that has a different lifestyle than you, so I strongly recommend you take that into consideration when you are looking to tight the knot. However, it is definitely not impossible to stay truth to your belief. There will always be opportunities to fall, it is up to you to remain standing. You will prevail, just hang in there!!

For more tips and ideas, I strongly recommend you to watch this video of Samantha Lindsey; which has over 10,000 views. It gave me a different perspective and I believe it will further help you.


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