A Week As a Vegan for A Non-Vegan

Hello all! As you already know, switching to a vegan lifestyle have so many benefits that can even be seen in a matter of days. Most people eat the food they eat because it tastes good, not because it has nutritional value. Actually, most tasty food lack nutritional value and have a high dose of unhealthy ingredients. Hence the saying “I eat to live, I don’t live to eat”

It is also known that people do what they have seen done for the most of their lives and it is difficult to break a particular behavior because it is thought to be the right and only way of doing something. That is why we have the vast majority of the people in the world eating a non-vegan diet. But as you know by now, making the switch is not as hard, once you have decided to do it. The hardest part is to make the decision.

On this post I am focusing on the experience of a non-vegan that trying to do something different decided to go vegan for a week.

Megan So, stopped eating all animal products for a whole week. The EastofSeattle.news The Issaquah Press, covered her story. She explained how in only a week, she was able to feel different in a very good way, so much that she recommends it. Please take the time to read her story. If you are still struggling to make the switch, Megan’s story will give you a good push.

I recommend reading her testimony because it goes perfectly well with what I have been saying in my posts, it is possible to become a vegan. The hardest part is to make the decision, once you have made it; sky is the limit on the possibilities and benefits of making the change.

Also, as usual, I want to complement this post with a YouTube video from onlyyumul, that shows the struggle of a non-vegan doing a vegan challenge for a week. I recommend her video because it’s funny, honest and it has very human reactions. You will be able to see that she struggled because she does  not have experience. That happens in phase one of the transitions to a vegan lifestyle, so if you are in that phase, watching this video will give you support because YOU ARE NOT ALONE. The video is 33 minutes so definitely make sure you have time to watch it. Enjoy!


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