Football player Tyrann Mathieu goes Vegan.


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Tyrann Mathieu is an American football free safety for the Arizona Cardinals of the National Football League (NFL). He is from New Orleans, Louisiana.  Mathieu attended St. Augustine High School, where he played for the St. Augustine Purple Knights high school football team. Wikipedia can give you further details on this athlete. covered his story when he decided to go vegan because according to him he was tired of eating poison. Tyrann hurt his knee last December, causing his team to loose to the Carolina Panthers. But he is recovering from his ACL surgery so fast that he will be able to come back this year for vengeance.

Teammate Larry Fitzgerald recently told reporters that Mathieu is speeding through his rehab so quickly that the team actually asked him to slow things down. They’re having to hold him back,” Fitzgerald said. “He heals like Wolverine. He’s so passionate and we love him dearly. And we’re so happy to see he’s going to be ready to go for us by training camp, and he can pick up right where he left off.”

As Jess Root wrote for SB Nation, “In unrelated Twitter activity, we also learn that Mathieu, despite being a football player, is moving to a vegan lifestyle.”

Mathieu told the Arizona Republic newspaper that he feels much better than last time around, and that since it is not as significant as last time, he was able to hit the ground running. Also he said he was able to do a lot of different things from the start, things he was not able to do for the first five months last time. This is not a surprise since this time he also decided to go vegan.

Tyrann Mathieu is just one example of many celebrities that have come to the light of the benefits of a vegan lifestyle. To read the complete article, please go to


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