Celebrities who are Vegan: Alicia Silverstone, vegan for a healthier life.

Hello all! Since on my last post I decided to talk about Tyrann Mathieu (NFL player) going vegan, I got inspired to dedicate my next two posts to celebrities who are vegan. It is no lie that many people look up to celebrities and like to imitate their lifestyles. Thinking of that, I thought it would be a good idea to write about the ones that have a vegan lifestyle with the hopes it will inspire you to make the switch and/ or keep you strong.


                                                                   Image courtesy of goodhousekeeping.com

On this post I am going to talk about Alicia Silverstone. Since she was a little girl she has battled between a carnivore diet to a vegetarian diet. But since she was a child she would not prevail on being a vegetarian, hence her health started to decay. She suffered from severe asthma, acne, constipation and insomnia. When she filmed the famous comedy “Clueless” at age 18, she still had those health conditions, that is why three years later she decided to try a vegan lifestyle.

Ever since, she has not felt healthier. She is able to sleep throughout the whole night, her skin is better, her eyes, nails, and she feels less puffy.  She made the decision to become vegan not because of her health problems, like most of us do, but because she discovered the sad and cruel reality of animals being raised and slaughtered. Looking at her pet, she came to realize that if she could not eat her dog, she should not eat any animals at all.

She confesses  that she has fallen into the temptation of cheese, and every time, she feels gassy and sick afterwards. Her experience has inspired her to write the  vegan cookbook “The Kind Diet”, where she focuses on letting her readers know that the most important thing is for you to try to feel and be the best you can. 

I strongly recommend you watch this YouTube video of Alicia in The Oprah Winfrey Show to see the entire interview. I got her info from Oprah.com where you can find the article on this topic.

I also recommend the following YouTube video of the episode on The Oprah Winfrey show where she and her staff went vegan for a week. This episode actually inspired my sister, a carnivore, to do baby steps into a healthier lifestyle. Years after that show, she still tries to make better eating choices. Now that she is married, she is helping her husband do the same. And that is the whole point of this post, to get you inspired so that you can inspire others. Together, we can change the world. Wont you become part of the movement?


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